Fatboy Slim/Blur Collaboration On Back Burner Permanently?

The much rumored collaboration between Blur and electronic guru/DJ/producer
extraordinaire Fatboy Slim now seems to be in the off mode after the producer
admitted he hadn't heard from the band in months. Norman Cook, as his mother
calls him, told the NME that he hadn't spoken to Damon Albarn since the
Brit Awards in February. This was prior to Gorillaz blowing up large, which may
have something to do with it, but the leading contender for "reason they're not working
together anymore" is a series of drunken arguments the two had in the months leading up to
the Brits. Evidently, on numerous occasions Albarn would argue that dance music
sucked, and Slim would counter with, uh, what do you think Gorillaz is and
also, why would you want me to produce your record, then? The Blur frontman
would deny that his side project was a dance act and didn't really believe Cook was
one either, which is vaguely amusing, drunk or not. Regardless, Fatboy is still
offering his services and we'll see if the olive branch extended works its magic.

Fatboy Slim/Blur Collaboration On Back Burner Permanently?