Waiting For My Heart To Break

Can't really ever go wrong with power pop, can you? 45s are a four-piece from the
UK who had one of their biggest band moments Stateside. Their previous lead singer got
into a fight with another band's management at SXSW in 2000 and quit the band. Enter
Matt Hales, who had been accompanying his brother, guitarist Ben on his
trip to Austin. Matt, who had been trained classically as a pianist, jumps on stage
and the rest is history. He's invited into the fold right after the show and the band now
known as 45s readies their assault on the world. Their brand of bouncy, jangly
power-pop is the stuff summer soundtracks are made of. Reference points could be found
in mid-'90s power poppers Bennet or musically, to early Blur minus the
overt Englishisms, with just a shake of Queen. Their sophomore single "Waiting
For My Heart To Break" is quite the catchy tune and, hopefully, a taster for finer things to


Waiting For My Heart To Break