Who The Fuck Are The Moonies?

Another band in an endlessly long line of bands tipped for greatness by the UK press, we
bring you The Moonies. The trio of teenagers from the Beatles' area of
Liverpool have released their debut single, "Blue," on little known indie imprint Plastic
Boot. The EP is actually entitled "Who The Fuck Are The Moonies," which is slightly more
rock & roll, doncha think? The name may very well be derived from the fact that drummer
Mike is discussed as being the second coming of The Who's Keith
Moon, all manic energy and drunken partying, probably. The Moonies are a
whirlwind of sound, combining aspects of Supergrass, Ash, Beatles
and the aforementioned Who into their own sonic cocktail, one that goes down quite
easily and causes you to order a few more on top of that.

The Moonies
Plastic Boot

Who The Fuck Are The Moonies?