Kelly Osbourne's Madonna Cover Is Omnipresent

Please tell me this is a joke. Kelly Osbourne has the most added radio single of the
week? What are you people thinking? You DO have some control over this factor, right?
I understand that The Osbournes is the hottest show on cable and you have to milk the cash cow while it's still producing milk, but, come on. The Madonna version of "Papa Don't Preach" was plenty good, but
Kelly's cover? It sounds like Incubus with a female lead singer, which it
probably is. With all the Hives, Vines, Jimmy Eat World, My
Vitriol, Oasis and Paul Oakenfold tracks out there, the fact that this
nonsense is the most added track of the week makes my ass hurt. But if you're in the "can't get enough of any Osbourne camp," she'll perform the song at the MTV Movie Awards, joining

Kelly Osbourne's Madonna Cover Is Omnipresent