The White Stripes Re-Release First Two Records reports that due to the overwhelming success of The White Stripesí White Blood Cells record, the brother-sister duo from Detroit will re-release their previous two albums on June 3. Their first self-titled offering sounds like a incomplete demo, with Jack Whiteís deafening screeches and wails. It was a great jumping off point which helped the siblings hone their style as they grew older and married themselves more to their instruments (not each other). Then they created their sophomore goldmine, DeStijl, which is quite possibly one of the saddest, most sincere and downright lonesome records that I have ever listened to. The White Stripes continue to bring their dirty-ass lightning fast garage blast to a theater near you this summer, but will stop off at the MTV Movie Awards for a special performance that they want YOU to be a part of. Fans that want to dance on stage during the performance with the band and who "appear" 18-25 must be available all day in Los Angeles on June 1st for the rehearsal and the actual show. For more information call (818) 407-7434 or email

Source: Jason Anfinsen

The White Stripes Re-Release First Two Records