Beck is Back: Midnite Vultures Follow-up due in September

Alternative rock pioneer Beck completed his as-yet-untitled new album on May 7 and has slated it for release on September 24. The artist, who has tried his hand at funk, soul, rock, folk, and rap, will once again delve into his acoustic-based, singer/songwriter-leaning bag of tricks for his upcoming new album. According to MTV, the album is reminiscent of his 1998 offering, Mutations. Producer Nigel Godrich, who worked on Mutations, as well as the past four Radiohead albums, has loaned his knob-twisting expertise to the project. Another Mutations parallel can be seen on the new album, as David Campbell, Beckís father and acclaimed string arranger will once again help his son out. Beck also spent some time working with Gorillazí producer Dan The Automator, but those tracks will be released at a later date. Check out the track listing.

"The Golden Age"

"All in Your Mind"

"Paper Tiger"

"Guess I'm Doing Fine"

"Already Dead"

"Round the Bend"

"Side of the Road"

"Lonesome Tears"

"Little One"

"Nothing I Haven't Seen"

"Lost Cause"

"Sunday Sun"

"Ship in a Bottle"

Beck is Back: Midnite Vultures Follow-up due in September