The dream of Cirrus became a reality in 1993 when DJ and bassist Aaron Carter and guitarist/keyboardist Stephen Barry delivered their demo to Moonshine Music. Since that pivotal moment, the electronic dance brigade has released two mind-altering records: Drop the Break (1997) and Back On A Mission (1998). Cirrus have also licensed their music to major motion pictures including Snatch, Zoolander, Big Trouble, as well as video games like Mortal Combat II and Gran Turismo 3. To help their music grow and evolve, they enlisted drummer Jim Chaney and goose bump delivering vocalist Laura Derby, who leaves her sultry stain on ìBoomerangî and will release an untitled full length of her own on Moonshine in 2003. Counterfeit, colorfully coated with eye smashing artwork from visual artist Freddi C, is a glorious sensation of pulsating dance beats, rhythms, and the occasional rhymes. Engage the realer than real Counterfeit on June 25.

Moonshine Music