Monday Express-New G'N'R Spinoff?; Palace Fire During Jubilee Rehearsal

In news that will bum out one set of fans and perhaps make another set happy or add them to the bummed group, rumor has it that Los Angeles Sunset Strip rockers Buckcherry have ceased to exist. While this isn't the most shocking news, the aftermath may be. It is believed that Cherry frontman Josh Todd has joined Slash, Duff and anyone else that Axl kicked out of Guns 'N Roses in a new, unnamed band. Considering Buckcherry was totally fake G'n'R in the first place, I guess this shouldn't surprise me as much as it does...

A fire broke out over the weekend in Buckingham Palace, altering the plans for this week's
Golden Jubilee celebration. The fire, which occurred in the west terrace of the Queen of
England's London residence cause the evacuation of the premises and the nearby grounds,
where the events of the week were being rehearsed. The NME reported that amongst
the rockers that had to vacate the site were Queen's Brian May and Joe
Cocker. It was not know if the other performers for the day, Ozzy Osbourne,
and UK pop superstars S Club 7 and Popstars winner Will Young were
part of the evacuated crew. The events in conjunction with the Queen's 50th year in power
are due to go off as planned however, after the fire was extinguished and everything given
the go-ahead by authorities.

Monday Express-New G'N'R Spinoff?; Palace Fire During Jubilee Rehearsal