Redd Blood Cells

Here is the first installment of what I hope will be an eight part
performance art piece. Perhaps I should have tried to contact
Jack and Meg before boldly launching this new section to our web
site. I hope that anybody involved with the White Stripes will see
this as the tribute I have intended it to be. I am in no way trying
to suggest that their music is not complete or unfinished, in fact
I'm sure that some could use my interpretations as the perfect
argument against the use of bass guitar in their music. If that is
it's true validity, then so be it.

Then of course there is the issue of my decision to post actual
MP3 files of another artist on For that very reason
this section will probably be pulled off of the internet in a very
short time. Frankly, MP3s were our only option from a technical
standpoint. The choices we had available to us for streaming
audio, did not sound as I or ... "the rest of my band" had intended
when recording the record which I am now calling Redd Blood
. I suppose if I am pressured by record company lawyers,
and/or god forbid ñ the rest of the White Stripes, I will have to
discontinue the 8-part series. I'm sure that the remainder of Redd
Blood Cells
will be readily available on other less discriminating

For me, I see this project as an opportunity to conform to another's identity while at the same time expressing my
individuality as a musician and an artist. Having lived under the
banner of Redd Kross for so long, in many ways that band name
has become more synonymous with my personal identity than my
own last name. Steven from Redd Kross, is a name I find myself
answering to nearly as much as my given surname, McDonald.
This is true I would say for most musicians who have been
associated with a known band for an extended period of time. This
phenomenon tends to exasperate a young person's already fragile
grip on their ego ... especially a rock musician's. That is what this
performance is for me, an opportunity to be a part of someone
else's group identity ... in this case family even ... It's beyond fan
... I'm joining the band! This is still very much the White Stripes
... same band just a new take on their latest record ... rather my
take on their latest record. I feel I am at the place in my life
where I can expand the limits of my own identity without losing
touch with myself.

Besides it's the coolest thing in the world ... I'm playing bass in
the White Stripes... I am Steven White... that is unless they
kick me out.

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Source: Steven McDonald

Redd Blood Cells