The Osbournes To Be Followed By The Gallaghers?

Anytime there is a hit TV show in another country, there is a domino effect as other
countries scramble to emulate the show in hopes of equally high ratings. It's happened with
"Survivor," The UK's "Pop Idol," "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and now, possibly
"The Osbournes"? Not only that, but the family in question would be none other
than the first family of UK popular music, the Gallaghers of Oasis. The
idea is twofold. First, there is footage shot by a roadie during the past seven years of the
band's exploits. Guitarist Noel told the NME that not only that, but he'd be
interested in having cameras in his house, "Osbournes"-stylee, as long as the
cameras were hidden. "I would get too self-conscious - not because Iíd look like a
knobhead - but because thereís things that just wouldnít be real. Unless they hid them [the
cameras] in your house and you didnít know. That would be fantastic." UK TV
masterminds are salivating heavily at the thought, seeing as the Gallaghers are
amongst the most high-profile citizens in the country and lord knows what the hell sort of shenanigans they'd get themselves into. It would be like a Tyson fight meets "Behind The Music." I wonder if they'll require subtitles again if the show is ever shown in the States?

The Osbournes To Be Followed By The Gallaghers?