Everybody Down

Matthew are an up-and-coming quartet that have spent the last two years
honing their skills on the Chicago club circuit. The band, whose music contains
a rich sonic texture and soaring vocals comparable to early Radiohead, strive
to create work with elements that evoke an emotional response. Co-produced
by Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, Hole, Morphine) and George Howard
(Jess Klein, Chuck E. Weiss), Matthew's debut Everybody Down, does just that.
The album's title track and first single is a shining example of how Matthew
balance artistic responsibility with pop sensibilities, forming a creative montage
of touching musical expression. Frontman Brian McSweeney's carefully crafted
lyrics, perfect phrasing and distinctive vocals will undoubtedly make a lasting
impression on your listeners. Expect to hear much more from these Windy City
rockers in the coming weeks.


Everybody Down