The Last Broadcast

Mancunian dream-rock purveyors Doves are most definitely NOT suffering from
the sophomore slump. Not only is their new second album, The Last Broadcast, at
least as good as their stunning debut, Lost Souls, but it's also one of the most
amazing releases of the year. The trio has taken their songwriting to the next level and it
shows on such wondrous tracks as "There Goes The Fear," which featured on Cornerstone
Player #31 and "Caught By The River" which you will hear momentarily on Player #33.
But the album is far more than these two singles and the depth and quality inherent is
amazing. "Words" is, perhaps, the best track on the album, mixing prime-era Stone
Roses with shoegaze heroes Chapterhouse. Roses references pop up
throughout The Last Broadcast, which is not surprising as they and Oasis are
the most influential bands to come out of Manchester in the late '80s and '90s. The
sweeping, epic quality that Doves had on Lost Souls has not disappeared,
though, and that cinematic touch is available on the title track, as well as on "M62," which the
band thought they were naming after the freeway they recorded it under, only to find out
later it was a different roadway. They may not be able to get their freeway names sorted out,
but as long as they keep writing songs like this, I pray that they will broadcast for years to


The Last Broadcast