Fat Mike's Latest Epiphany: Ben Affleck

There was this bad independent movie awhile ago called Glory Daze. It was about some college kids that liked skateboards and punk rock and drinking, and the movie kinda blew, but Ben Affleck was in it. His character apparently liked NOFX cuz he had our posters on his wall, wore our t-shirt, and listened to us at work. So I kinda feel like we're bro's, ya know. He listens to my band and I watch his movies. Good Will Hunting was real good. Chasing Amy-nice one Ben. Then straight into Armeggedon-ugghh, and then Pearl Harbor (great bombing scene, but the rest I'm not to sure about).....

Ok, so me and Ben have this connection right? So Friday night I go see "The Sum of all 41 Fears" uh, I mean, The Sum of all Fears. The movie is not too bad. I give it a "B". Thing is, I'm watching this movie and halfway through, (after the big explosion), Ben is talking to the White House chief of staff and all he had to say was "the bomb was made with U.S. plutonium", but noooooohhhhhh. He has to say all this other shit. I'm like, come on dude, just say it, just fuckin' say it: "THE BOMB WAS MADE FROM U.S. PLUTONIUM". Prevent nuclear war and say it, please Ben, for old time sakes, just say it......Well, half hour goes by and he never did say it.......... I'm afraid we can no longer be friends Ben.

Your ex-friend, Fat Mike

NOFXí latest offering, 45 or 46 Songs that Werenít Good Enough to Go on Our Other Records was #130 on the Billboard top 200 last week with over 23,000 in sales.

Source: Fat Mike (Fat Wreck Chords)

Fat Mike's Latest Epiphany: Ben Affleck