Jagger To Become Sir Mick?

Continuing in a line of UK rock and rollers adding a title to the front of their name, rumor
has it that Mick Jagger will receiving knighthood status as early as next weekend.
The Rolling Stones frontman, who will be running his ass off on stage all across the
US starting in September, hopes to follow in the footsteps of fellow musicians now called
"Sir," Paul McCartney and Elton John. English newspaper The
reports that Jagger was nominated for the award by British Prime
Minister Tony Blair, who, not coincidentally, is a huge Stones fan. It is
believed that Jagger will receive the honor this upcoming weekend during a round of
awards to coincide with the Jubilee celebration. Quite a turn of events, considering in the
'60s Jagger and his antics were viewed about as positively as Eminem. Evidently, time heals everything

Jagger To Become Sir Mick?