Stripes' Divorce Papers For All To See

It has been rumored for months and discussed at length in indie circles. Are Jack
and Meg White brother and sister or ex-husband and wife? They claim that they are
the former and that there are eight other White siblings running about. However,
we brought you a link last week on to what was believed to be a copy of
their marriage certificate. And, if it's to believed that they were married, since they are supposed
to be ex-husband and wife, there would need to be divorce papers around, too, right?
There now are. The same site that brought you the wedding proof,, is now
showing a copy of what is believed to be their divorce certificate. The Detroit Press
has been reporting this for over a year, but it sounds like someone else is now listening. The
ball is now in your court, Jack and Meg. Will you come clean?

Stripes' Divorce Papers For All To See