2-4-6-8, Who Wants To Litigate?!?

Lawsuits, lawsuits everywhere! Both Courtney Love and ex-Third Eye Blind guitarist Kevin Cadogan are getting
their lawyer on. While neither of the cases are new, they
are both closer to going to trial. Love's case against Universal Music, which was a
counter suit after Universal Music sued her for trying take Hole to another label, is
headed to trial after court-ordered mediation attempts stalled. Although the case is due to
start next Tuesday, June 18, the sides are still working to settle out of court.

Cadogan's case against his former Third Eye Blind members, however,
doesn't seem headed for such a happy ending. The jury has been seated and the case will
begin Monday, June 17. The former guitarist is suing his ex-mates for $500,000 he claims
he is due for co-writing the majority of their songs. Since they kicked him to the curb, he
has not received any of the royalties he believes he is owed and Cadogan states that
he and frontman Stephan Jenkins were co-owners of the band, but unbeknownst to
Cadogan, the singer set up other cash-producing 3EB side companies. The axeman also believes he was wrongly terminated, as the group had a pact that
stated, according to allstar.com, that band members could not be let loose prior to a "written
warning specifying the wrongful conduct." This won't end in either a pretty or timely
manner, one guesses.

2-4-6-8, Who Wants To Litigate?!?