On The Run

Add equal parts influence of the Small Faces, The La's and Oasis,
shake in a healthy bit of youthful exuberance and rock & roll attitude and what have you
got? Why, The Crescent of course! Hailing from Liverpool, home of The
Beatles, as well as the aforementioned La's, The Crescent are the
quintessential brit gang band, a group formed of friends who would do anything for each
other and have been friends for years. This translates into tight musicianship for a band
averaging 20 years old. Guitars chime, the rhythm section drops the groove and frontman
Wayne Whitfield adds his Rod Stewart meets Lee Mavers (the
brilliant-but-troubled La's singer) style vocals and it all equals a rollicking rock track
that sounds as in place in 1969 as in 2002, which is always a good measure of a true pop

The Crescent

On The Run