All-Star Soundtrack Scores One Big Trip

Del the Funky Homosapien, Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, Royce Da 5í9î, and slew of other hip-hoppers have all contributed to a 12-song soundtrack for the forthcoming DVD/CD release of One Big Trip. The film, which was produced and directed by Peter Bittenbender and Jason Goldwach respectively, documents the pairís cross-country road trip with three other friends in the winter of 1999-2000. I think I saw this one ñ where the skinny kid nails that huge fat girl and runs off with her enormous panties. What? No? I guess thatís a different movie. According to Billboard, the double-sided DVD/CD release is set to hit shelves on August 13, on Deconstruction Company/Hiero Imperium Records. The DVD will also be packed with bonus material, including a short film by Goldwach entitled Dust, a UFO documentary named Realtivity, a spoof infomercial for the film and, as you may have guessed, much, much more. I didnít know there was such a thing as a DVD/CD hybrid, but it sounds damn cool. Donít you just love technology!

Get Your Trip On, Get Get Your Trip On:

"Beer Man Intro"

"Verbal Gunfight," Jurassic 5

"Soweto," Hieroglyphics featuring Goapalee

"Analyze the Operation," Dilated Peoples & Phil Da Agony

"Hydra," Hieroglyphics

"Make the People Sway," DTA & The Magic Disco Machine
"What U Lookin At?," J-Ro

"G.U.O.M.D.," Hieroglyphics

"Runnin'," Royca Da 5'9"

"Movies 2 Groupies," Loot Pack

"One Big Trip," Del The Funky Homosapien

"Think Again," Hieroglyphics

"The High Road," Swollen Members

All-Star Soundtrack Scores One Big Trip