Oasis Is Their Own "Army of One"

Quintessential Britpoppers Oasis have told the British Army they are, indeed, going to look back in anger after discovering that the Army had incorporated
two of their songs into a promotional video for the Armed Forces
without the band's consent. The tracks, from 1995's breakthrough
What's the Story Morning Glory, were "Hello" and the
ubiquitous "Wonderwall." Once songwriter Noel Gallagher
discovered that the songs were being used without clearance, he
lawyered up and had the 300 or so videos pulled. According to Reuters, the
Ministry of Defense (MOD) then tried to get the songs cleared
through the label, but were denied. The MOD then stated that they
didn't even know that one couldn't use songs without approval from the
artist. That's a good one. I'll try to remember that next time I commit
copyright infringement using, arguably, the largest band in my
country. Nice one...

Oasis Is Their Own "Army of One"