A Little Less Conversation

"A Little Less Conversation" was first heard in the US when the King unleashed it at his memorable, globally televised 1968 Comeback Special. More than 30 years later, Dutch DJ Junkie XL, who changed his name to JXL at the request of the Presley estate, breathed new life into the aging track, successfully funktifying it for todayís dance crazed hipsters. After climbing to the top of the charts in the UK on the strength of a popular Nike ad in which the song is featured, Elvis and Junkie have headed back to the US, where similar success seems eminent. The single is loaded with a radio edit, extended remix, and the Kingís original version, and while youíre probably not going to listen to them all at the same time, whichever one you choose is sure to get the party started right. Look for more Presley related materials in the months to come, including the Beatles 1esque hits package Elvis 30 #1 Hits, a box set and a pair of books. Uh huh Momma, Elvis is back in the building!

Elvis vs JXL

A Little Less Conversation