Ex-Soul Coughing Frontman A DIY Kind of Guy

Frontman of the now defunct avant-garde troop Soul Coughing, Mike Doughty, will release a very limited-edition live album on July 8. Entitled Smofe + Smang: Live in Minneapolis, the album will be available for purchase only through Doughtyís official web set, www.superspecialquestions.com. According to Billboard, the 18-track album was recorded at Minneapolisí Womanís Club Theatre on February 27 of this year. Old Soul Coughing favorites and Doughtyís more recent solo material are featured on the live set, of which only 1,500 copies have been pressed.

Also set for release on the same day (July 8), is a book of Doughtyís poetry. The book, entitled Slanky, has been completed since 1995 and has been available to fans at Soul Coughing shows in a self-published form since. However, it will now be available to one and all by way of Soft Skull Press and will feature updated cover art.

Doughty has been keeping quite busy as he has also been working on songs and background music for the soundtrack for the upcoming film Evenhand, a police story directed by Joseph Pierson of Cherry and Julian Po fame.

Smofe + Smang: Live in Minneapolis track listing:



"Sunkeneyed Girl"

"(Fuckin' Yeah)"

"The Only Answer"

"Busting Up a Starbux"

"Maybe I'll Come Down"

"Madeleine and Nine"

"(Bucket of Shoes in My Foyer)"

"Thank You, Lord, for Sending Me the F Train"

"Rising Sign"


"Grey Ghost"

"(Do You Like Robots?)"

"Soft Serve"

"Lisa Ling and Lucy Liu"

"His Truth Is Marching On"

"(Real World/Road Rules)"

"St. Louise Is Listening"

"True Dreams of Wichita"


"(Go Stand Over There)"

"Train to Chicago"



Ex-Soul Coughing Frontman A DIY Kind of Guy