Tuesday Express-No More White Stripes?; Another Elvis Remix?

Is success getting to the White Stripes? Band genius Jack
White has said he can already see the light at the end of the tunnel
of the band's career. White told muchmusic.com that "We're
not going to be around for long, there's no doubt. Maybe after this next
album comes out, maybe another album, but I doubt we're going to
around for very long." This is on top of the fact that The
Stripes are receiving great acclaim in the US and the UK and their
past US tour sold out, not to mention that they are about to do a few
gigs with fellow on-fire act, The Strokes. Jack went
on to say "We don't have potential to be like an arena act. I don't think
a two piece band really would come off in arena sized place, it doesn't
really have any intimacy." See 'em while you can, kids.

Riding the wave of UK #1 single "A Little Less Conversation,"
remixed by JXL, BMG is considering issuing a second
Elvis remix single. The label have contacted several big name
DJs in order to feel out whether or not they would be interested in
remixing a track. The song to be remixed has not yet been chosen, but
it would be one of the previous 31 US or UK #1 hits that is contained
on the greatest hits compilation due out in September.

Tuesday Express-No More White Stripes?; Another Elvis Remix?