Oasis Desire To Go Out In Blaze of Glory

Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis once again sprayed fuel on the
fire of the Oasis break-up rumors, although this time, it's a point in the near future,
versus next week. In an interview with Steve Lamacq on his BBC Radio 1 program,
Liam said that the band were edging ever-closer to their best work yet, and that
would be the perfect time to call it day, enabling the band to go out on a high and on their
own terms. He stated that he really liked the band's pending release, Heathen
, but that Oasis hadn't written their perfect album. Yet. "The next
album will be even better and the closer you get to that great album then that will be the time
to knock it on the head I think," he remarked, while his brother Noel added a more
twisted take, opining "I think if weíre going to go out then we weíll go out on top. Itís either
got to be a plane crash or something monumental." Let's just hope they get to write that
perfect album, instead. Catch Oasis on their upcoming eastern North American tour, starting August 2 in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Oasis Desire To Go Out In Blaze of Glory