The Smiling Face

The Burn are named after their home town of Blackburn, England, are signed to Hut Records in the UK (home of Placebo,
Gomez, The Verve and more) and play huge fuck-off blues-influenced anthemic rock. What else could you want to know?
They are a young 5-piece who avoid the UK music press and have toured with fellow Player alumni Haven (Player .028)
and The Music (Player .032). More impressively, they were invited to open for Oasis during their 10th Anniversary tour
and so affected Paul Weller that he also asked the quintet along to support him on his most recent UK acoustic jaunt.
Count Ian Brown in their number of fans, as well, as the ex-Stone Roses frontman also offered out a slot to The Burn. The
band's bluesy slide guitar sound and rompy-stompy rhythms as heard on "The Smiling Face" are winning over musicians
and listeners alike and, chances are, you will join them in the growing cult of Burn admirers.

The Burn

The Smiling Face