Yippee! Slipknot Side Projects! Hooray!

As if one band with the nitwits from Slipknot wasn't enough, members of the band are spinning off two other projects. One of the
should-be-in-an-asylum loonies, Joey Jordison is forming a punk band with Tripp Eisen from Static-X. Other
fools will be in the band, but since I've never heard of them, I'm not going to bother listing their names. Their album will be entitled
Beyond The Valley of the Murderdolls, but you can be pretty sure you won't ever read a review of it on Newly Discovered.

Frontman of the chronic-masturbating, body function-frolicing, boilersuit-wearing Middle American freakshow, Corey Taylor and
one of the band's seemingly endless number of guitarists, Jim Root are resuscitating their prior project, Stone Sour, with yet
more faceless drones. Their sound, as described by NME, is "hard metal with a melodic twist." Oh goodie. I can't wait.

Yippee! Slipknot Side Projects! Hooray!