Phil Spector To Produce Next Starsailor Album?

In a possible attempt to further flesh-out their sound, atmospheric Brit kids
Starsailor are set to work with legendary producer Phil Spector. The
man who brought the "wall of sound" recording style to the world and has worked with
The Ramones, John Lennon and George Harrison invited the band
back to his house after a show in Los Angeles earlier this year. The two camps had a mutual
love fest and discussed Spector's producing the Chorley, England, quartet's
sophomore release. In an interview with London radio station XFM, Starsailor
frontman and head stoner James Walsh said "We'll do one song with him and see
how it goes. It might not work but then again it might." No word on when the actual
recording will take place, but it does sound just a wee bit interesting.

Phil Spector To Produce Next Starsailor Album?