Carbon Kid

You remember Alpinestars, all icy and sparse electronica brought to you on Player
.032? Well, they're back. Except this time around, they've got a guest vocalist. That's right,
the king of the midget goths, Brian Molko of Placebo, is in the mix. And
what a difference a dwarf makes. This song is HOTT (yes, with two Ts). Placebo
is a very forward-thinking rock act, often allowing their tracks to be remixed as b-side
tracks. This track definitely falls into that category. It sounds like a Placebo remix,
which can't be a bad thing for either band. One can only hope that the new
Alpinestars full length is as tasty. Given their track record, however, I don't think we have much to worry about.

Alpinestars (featuring Brian Molko)

Carbon Kid