What A Waster

Ever heard of The Jam? The Libertines sure have! Better than having heard
of Limp Bizkit for sure, however. The Libertines are a three-piece from
East London who play it like they hear it, and they hear it as 1978. That's all good, though,
'cos it's not like they are they only ones on the garage-rock rehash bandwagon, joining the
likes of The Strokes and the The Hives, not to mention the fact that they're signed to the
label that originally had both The Smiths and the aforementioned Strokes.
This band just finds their inspiration with Paul Weller's band of the late '70s and
"What A Waster" is a hook-filled ditty, well worth a listen or 41. Considering how many
other bands find The Jam a vital listening experience, it's no wonder bands try to
emulate them. Nothing wrong with finding something appealing about a seminal band. It's
to be expected. Better than wanting to be Roxette, don't you think?

The Libertines
Rough Trade

What A Waster