The Transplants Bring New Life To Punk Rock

Punk rock super groups RULE and The Transplants sure sound like they fit into
that category. Featuring Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Travis Barker
(how many bands is he IN?) of Blink 182 and Box Car Racer, with
Rob Aston on vocals, the "industrial-punk-electro-hip-hop-hardcore" act are
readying their debut album for Hellcat Records. The album is due to drop October 8,
but in the mean time, the trio is set to bust a mini-tour of California later this month with
The Distillers, enlightening kids from San Diego to Sacramento and wondrous
places in between like Hanford. Listen. I have lived in California for YEARS and I've
never been to Hanford. These kids must have lost a bet or something. That's just
dreadful. I am scared of Hanford. It's like the California version of Deliverance.

Those Transplants tour dates in full, including scenic Hanford:

07.19.02 - Anaheim, CA (House Of Blues)

07.20.02 - San Diego, CA (The Scene)

07.21.02 - Pomona, CA (Glass House)

07.22.02 - Santa Cruz, CA (Veterans Hall)

07.24.02 - Sacramento, CA (Colonial Theatre)

07.25.02 - San Francisco, CA (Slims)

07.26.02 - Hanford, CA (Square 8)

07.27.02 - Los Angeles, CA (The Roxy)

07.28.02 - Los Angeles, CA (The Roxy)

The Transplants Bring New Life To Punk Rock