Thrill Jockey Turns Ten, Invites You To Party

Seminal US indie label Thrill Jockey is celebrating its 10th anniversary in
style with a huge concert extravaganza. Although the label is based in
Chicago, they will hold their celebration in New York City at Irving Plaza
and Bowery Ballroom from September 5-7 and it will include
performances from Tortoise, Mouse on Mars, Trans
Am, Bobby Conn, Sea and Cake, Lonesome
Organist and more. Over 15 bands will be featured and the partay
will also include a video contribution from Nobukazu Takemura
and taped well-wishes from label fans Bjork, Thurston
Moore, and Steve Albini. Who said indie was

September 5 (Irving Plaza):


Trans Am

Fred Anderson

Bobby Conn

National Trust

Chicago Underground Duo

Town And Country

DJ Nobukazu Takemura

September 6 (Irving Plaza):


Sue Garner

Mouse On Mars

8 Bold Souls

Eleventh Dream Day

DJ Nobukazu Takemura

September 7 (Bowery Ballroom):

Bowery Ballroom

Sea & Cake


Archer Prewitt Band


Rick Rizzo

Tara Key

Lonesome Organist

DJ Nobukazu Takemura

Thrill Jockey Turns Ten, Invites You To Party