Folk Implosion Go Sabbath?

Former Sebadoh man Lou Barlow is readying a return
of his other project, Folk Implosion. The band, perhaps best
known for their 1994 hit "Natural One" from the Kids film
soundtrack, will head in to record the follow up to 1999's One Part
in August. The trio has been in negotiations with
IMusic/ArtistDirect, who may ink them to a one-album deal to test the
waters. Folk Implosion now consists of frontman Lou
Barlow, guitarist Imaad Wasif and Sebadoh
partner-in-crime Russ Pollard banging the skins and the
band's sound is said to have moved away from the electronica-tinged
indie sounds of years past and into "Black
Sabbath-influenced" power trio stuff, Barlow told
Rolling Stone. The band is also featured in the upcoming
Kate Beckinsale/Francis McCormand film Laurel
, although they do not play any of their own material. Can't
win 'em all, I guess.

Folk Implosion Go Sabbath?