Heathen Chemistry

You can officially count me in the ranks of the Oasis fanatics.
I have every UK CD single, from March 1994's "Supersonic" up
through a few weeks ago's "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" off their
newest effort, Heathen Chemistry, so I consider myself a bit of
an Oasis expert. And in my expert opinion I hereby state
that....Heathen Chemistry is not exactly the rockin' return to
form that Noel Gallagher claimed it would be. While the
band's premier songwriter has in the past been a bit, say, over-confident
of the quality of past albums, he has always stated when he was
wrong. His love for this album I believed to be more true than past
statements, since he's not "chained to the mirror and the razor blade"
any longer. However, I fear it may be just bluster. The album isn't
awful, but when Noel said it was a return to the sound of their
stellar debut, Definitely Maybe, I had very high hopes,

Quality tracks do exist, in first single "Hindu Times,"
Coachella-standout "A Force of Nature," lighters-aloft sing-a-long
in-waiting "Little By Little" and the rhythm guitarist Gem
Archer penned glam-stomper "Hung In A Bad Place." However,
when Noel lavishes this much praise, I hope for 10 brilliant
songs and maybe one that I'm not hot on the first time I hear it. The
album has been growing on me, though, so perhaps I will be recanting
this come December. But maybe not.

Epic Records

Heathen Chemistry