Songs from the Other Side

Songs from the Other Side is a B-side compilation from the Charlatansí Beggars Banquet years (1990-1997) and unlike most B-side albums released in recent memory, this one is actually good. From the 3+ minute instrumental intro dubbed "Imperial 109" the cleverly titled Songs from the Other Side is a tribute to the songwriting talents and energetic nature of this Manchester-based quintet. Though the songs on the album span the course of seven years, they are held together by the bandís trademark oozing confidence, Hammond organ backbone and Tim Burgessí finely crafted phrasing and hypnotic vocal melodies. Further welding these 16 tracks into an uplifting, cohesive package are a pair of dance remixes by the likes of Van Basten and The Chemical Brothers. In addition to the two remixes, other stand out tracks include ìHappen to Dieî (Long Version), ìSubterranean,î and ìDonít Need a Gun,î to name just a few. I highly recommend picking one up. Listening to it is so choice.

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Songs from the Other Side