Nikki Sixx: The Next Pop Mastermind?

Did I enter some parallel universe at some point where crazy drug-addled metallers write pop
songs for proven artists? I must have, because the news has arisen that Nikki Sixx
of Motley Cr¸e has penned tunes for a widely diverse range of artists, from the
more believable Tantric and Saliva to pop veteran Meat
Loaf. Sixx even submitted tracks for and Faith Hill, Santana
and The Backstreet Boys. Could you imagine a 2002 pop version of "Looks That
Kill?" That would RULE! Sadly, MTV reports the Boys declined his song, but Hill
hasn't decided yet. No matter, the metal mastermind also has plans to collaborate with
Drowning Pool, Orgy and even Bachman Turner Overdrive
progeny Tal Bachman. This is a strange, strange world.

Nikki Sixx: The Next Pop Mastermind?