System Of A Down, Tom Morello Enlighten Ozzfest Concertgoers

The Axis of Justice, an idea championed by Tom Morello and System Of A Down, will make its debut at this year's installment of the annual Ozzfest tour. The Axis of Justice will be a site set up at each Ozzfest venue where fans can learn about the important issues of the day, including war, racism, political prisoners, domestic violence and the environment. Local and national organizations will also be on hand to share their expertise and to give concertgoers a chance to sign up and join some of these important groups. Morello calls the Axis a ìFreedom School.î He continues by saying, ìfans of hard rock music have often been wrongly pigeonholed as apathetic. The Axis of Justice will provide an opportunity for fans to get involved.î I just hope that they take time out from the video game and freak show areas to partake in changing the world.

A few of the organizations planning to attend the Axis of Justice:

Amnesty International

Anti-Racist Action


Sweatshop Watch


War Resisters League

Armenian National Committee of America

System Of A Down, Tom Morello Enlighten Ozzfest Concertgoers