Since I Left You

Originally released in the US on London-Sire Records in 2001, Since I Left You is returning to the forefront by way of Elektra, and with good reason. Since I Left You is one of the best summertime albums ever. Its hundreds, if not thousands, of samples are intertwined with live instrumentation and feel good grooves that capture the essence of hooking up with a scantily-clad hottie at a scorching all-day bar-B-Q. You know what I mean. But you donít have to take my word for it; the album was selected for 27 different year-end "best of 2001" critics polls and has already hit #1 at college radio with "Frontier Psychiatrist." This time around, The Avalanches will ride the title track to prominence, bringing with them their legions of summer breaking collegiate fans. "Since I Left You" is packed with ass-grinding goodness too infectious to deny and too funky to ignore. Itís summertime baby! Donít get "left" behind.

The Avalanches

Since I Left You