The Way I Feel Today

Like your guitar music angular and a bit noisy and discordant? Look
no further, as Six By Seven have returned to quench that
certain thirst. The Nottingham, England, outfit have pared down to a
quartet, but are as tight as ever. Their third full length, The Way I
Feel Today
(which evidently had the silly working title of These
Compulsatory Meatless Days
), is a more varied work than their
previous two efforts. From the standout single "I.O.U. Love," which is
more than vaguely reminiscent of The Church's "Under The
Milky Way" to the thrash of "Flypaper For Freaks,"
frontman/songwriter Chris Olley shows his skill for a song,
whether it be a declaration-of-love themed pop song or more scathing
lyrical attacks bathed in scorching guitars, as he is more apt to write.
For those who are full of angst, we salute you.

Six By Seven
Beggars Group

The Way I Feel Today