Epitaph Shows Us How They Rock

The good old fashioned dirty rock is in da house! Epitaph is showing off some of its roster and has picked some of the finest tracks to feature on a new compilation. How We Rock is a 19-track guitar-heavy jamboree that includes The Hives, (International) Noise Conspiracy, Rocket From The Crypt, Hellacopters, Player .031 import faves Sahara Hotnights, and the objects of Drew Goldberg's affections, The Donnas. The album is out next Tuesday, July 23, and if you or any kids you know like to listen to the guitars turned up to 11, this sounds like your cup of tea.

This is How We Rock:

Turbonegro - "The Age of Pamparius"

Zeke - "Live Wire"

The Hives - "Main Offender"

New Bomb Turks - "Continental Cats"

The Dwarves - "How It's Done"

The Peepshows - "Never Say No"

The Donnas - "40 Boys in 40 Nights"

The Hellacopters - "Truckloads of Nothin'"

The (International) Noise Conspiracy - "Up for Sale"

Puffball - "High Powered"

Division of Laura Lee - "Need to Get Some"

Supersuckers - "Shake It Off"

Electric Frankenstein - "N.Y. Knights"

Sahara Hot Nights - "Alright Alright"

Rocket from the Crypt - "Straight American Slave"

Gluecifer - "I Got a War"

Randy - "Cheater"

The Gotohells - "Piece of the Sun"

Danko Jones - "Bounce"

Epitaph Shows Us How They Rock