Live - Hey Mercedes Brings EP Release Party to The Metro

Opening with "The Frowning of a Lifetime," the first track off of their LP, Everynight Fire Works, Hey Mercedes took the stage with an enormous amount of energy last night at the Metro in Chicago. Remember those old-school checkered One-Star slip-on ska shoes? Well, one would think that they are way out of the picture as far as indie-rock is concerned, but bassist Todd Bell brought them right back from the grave and wore them well as he enthusiastically bounced around the stage. This was not just any Hey Mercedes show; it was also the release party for The Weekend EP they just put out on Vagrant.

Hey Mercedes played "Save a Life," as well as "Our Weekend Starts on Wednesday" (also on their LP) off of the new release, making me, as well as others, run to the merch table right after the show to buy it. The crowd ate up lead singer Bob Nanna's lyrics though every song, and literally screamed for more. I know I left the show with a bit more hearing loss than I already have due to the girls and their screaming antics. As they continued their set, they played a number of my favorite tunes off of Everynight Fire Works, including "Every Turn," "Eleven To Your Seven," "A List Actress," "Que Shiraz," and "Quit." They also played every song off of their first EP put out on Polyvinyl, running through "Bells," "St. James St.," "The House Shook," and "Stay Six."

It has always been a trademark of Bob Nanna to thank the audience quite a bit, so as their set came to a closing with "Let's Go Blue," he would nod his head in acknowledgement to each side of the room, making sure the audience is aware of his appreciation for their support. I would have to say that this particular band has nothing short of an astounding amount of talent and I would expect a lot more to come from them in their future shows and recordings.

Source: Katie Ramsey

Live - Hey Mercedes Brings EP Release Party to The Metro