At Sixes And Sevens

Jason Loewenstein helps define the true meaning of the phrase "solo record." The longtime member of the legendary Sebadoh plays everything but the kitchen sink on this '70s-rock homage called At Sixes And Sevens. During his tenure with the Lou Barlow creation (which still claim to be on hiatus, not retirement), Loewenstein helped build his rep by performing on seven full-ength albums and over 20 EPs and singles, and previously released solo sounds under the moniker Sparkalepsy. Recorded in Kentucky on an analog reel-to-reel 8-track machine, the vocals, guitars, bass, and drums that Loewenstein put effort into reflects a sound that fuses Led Zeppelin with Queens Of The Stone Age, for a rapid paced recipe that would make any chunk rock-loving monkey crave for more.

Jason Loewenstein
Sub Pop

At Sixes And Sevens