"So, the Circus is Back in Town" (single)

There's something outrageously addictive about the filthy garage stank of the late '60s and early '70s. Hailed as "the most happening band in Norway" by the New Musical Express, these four groovy cats from the Cato Salsa Experience have fallen face first into the psychedelic groundwork poured by Jimi Hendrix, or the carefree vengeance of The Stooges, and other hipsters from the "retro" generation. "So, the Circus is Back in Town" is not a metaphor for the Robert English family reunion, a pulsating taste of roaring bass lines, exploding drums, and undeniable raw energy bestowed onto these Nords by the great Odin himself.

Cato Salsa Experience
Emperor Norton

"So, the Circus is Back in Town" (single)