New Sleater-Kinney Track Oh! So Good, Now Online investigative team has successfully lifted a new MP3 from the forthcoming Sleater-Kinney album, One Beat. The record will be released on the rrriot act trio's longtime home, Kill Rock Stars, on August 20. The song we ganked, "Oh!," is the best song on the 12-track album. Although the ladies continue to grow and expand their sound on One Beat, it's definitely NOTHING compared to Hot Rock or Dig Me Out, which were recorded when they were weee lasses. Corin, who continues to sound like a cat caught in a turbine, has since squeezed out a child, and the group is now writing, creating, and performing as women. Daddy's little girls are all grown up (tear). I don't know if I love the new sounds or hate them, but I can't stop listening, which means I like it and just don't want to admit it (like Poison in the
'80s). Nothing has been said about a cross-country promotional tour for the new album, but you can check out for more information on the grrrls. Take a listen to the new, delightful track from Sleater-Kinney right HERE.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

New Sleater-Kinney Track Oh! So Good, Now Online