Ash Release Greatest Hits & Request Your Covers

Although the stellar Free All Angels just recently hit US shelves, Ash fired that album out about a year ago in their native UK. Therefore, it's time for another release! The Irish punk-poppers are set to drop a greatest hits album in their native country on September 9. The 19-track compilation is entitled Intergalactic Cosmic Sevens and includes tracks from 1977, Nu-Clear Sounds and their first album release, an EP-compilation called Trailer, as well as five songs off their newly-serviced US masterpiece. For a limited time, the CD will come with a bonus CD of rare tracks and b-sides, which the band has coined Cosmic Debris. A further amusing tidbit is that the band is inviting fans to cover one of the tracks on Intergalactic and submit it. The version the band likes best will be used as a future b-side. So rock out and send it to Ash Covers Competition, PO Box 4226, London, SW6 2XG, England.

Intergalactic Cosmic Sevens in its full glory:

"Burn Baby Burn"

"Girl From Mars"

"Shining Light"


"Oh Yeah"

"A Life Less Ordinary"

"Jesus Says"


"Kung Fu"

"Jack Names The Planets"



"Angel Interceptor"

"Uncle Pat"

"Walking Barefoot"


"There"s A Star"



Ash Release Greatest Hits & Request Your Covers