Sing Sing Death House

The Distillers deliver a fucking drop kick to the skull with Sing Sing Death House, the band's second full length album. Lead screamer Brody Armstrong (Lint's wife) wails like Courtney Love at times...the only difference is that Brody and The Distillers show talent, promise, and if you don't like what they are bringing they will bite your ears off then piss and stomp on them. The lyrics, guitar licks, and drum kicks are faster than Michael Johnson so you need to keep up and pay attention. Favorite tracks include "Sick Of It All" (which reminds me of Rancid's first self-titled album), "I Am A Revenant," and "City Of Angels" to name a few. The 22-year old singer Brody comes from Australia and used to front the band Sourpuss (which brings to mind another resemblance to Love). The Distillers are on tour with Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards, so lace up your boots for some good old fashioned punk rock circle pit action. This record is as HOTT as Satan's Ass right now and the review was brought back by popular demand. Originally reviewed in January of 2002.

The Distillers

Sing Sing Death House