Merge Records Contines To Survive and Advance

In a time when labels are folding and bands are getting dropped, it's great to hear that an old-time favorite indie label is still going strong and even readying a new compilation series. Merge Records, the brainchild of Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance of Superchunk, is set to fire off a new series of compiled rare and unrelased tracks entitled Survive and Advance. The first CD is a 14-track gem and only two of the the fourteen are available on other records. Featured on the virgin offering are unreleased or live nuggets by Spoon, Lambchop, East River Pipe, The Radar Brothers, The Ladybug Transistor and more. The album is currently available at better record stores or from the label directly.

The tracklisting for Survive and Advance Volume 1:

Imperial Teen - "Sugar"

Radar Bros. - "Silver Shoes"

East River Pipe - "Machine Man "

Annie Hayden - "Lonely & Lonely"

Spoon - "Small Stakes"

Lambchop - "The Puppy And The Leaf"

David Kilgour - "Little Bird"

Portastatic - "Northern Sky"

Crooked Fingers - "Hurricane"

Ashley Stove - "Amen Grasshopper"

Destroyer - "Chosen Few"

The Gothic Archies - "Smile: No One Cares How You Feel"

The Ladybug Transistor - "Nico Norte"

Spaceheads - "Atmo"

Merge Records Contines To Survive and Advance