The John Butler Trio's Three has been certified platinum-plus in their native Australia, and now as the buzz begins to make its way Stateside, they have secured US distribution for their independently released album. John Butler is an avid environmentalist, a skater, a master of the slide guitar, and a talented songwriter with the ability to weave his emotional and spiritual ideals into each of his soulful compositions. He is also one step ahead of the music industry game. Though there was major interest in him following SXSW and an amazing performance at NYC's famed Mercury Lounge, John Butler formed his own label, Jarrah, and managed hook up with BMG for his distribution needs. This guy does it all. Three is packed with great songs, making its overseas success very understandable. In addition to the radio-ready first single "Pickapart," "Believe," "Media," and "Life Ain't What it Seems" are all stand out tracks. Fans of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper will eat The John Butler Trio up. Or maybe "smoke it up" would be more accurate (wink).

The John Butler Trio