The Strokes Mark Is This It Anniversary with North American Tour

Garage revival trailblazers The Strokes have announced plans to get back out on the road this fall. Beginning October 1 in Portland, ME, NYC's finest will mark the one-year anniversary of their debut LP Is This It with a 29-date tour in support of the album. According to MTV, the album has moved 640,000 units since its release in late September of 2001. Frontman Julian Casablancas knows that life in the limelight is fleeting and he is ready to get back on the road, saying that, "we gotta work hard because it seems that at any moment it could all slip away." The Strokes will play three shows in August with The White Stripes - two in NYC and one in Detroit, with each band closing the show in their respective home town.

The quintet is also up for the MTV2 award at this year's VMAs for "Last Nite." Other contenders for the Moonman in the same category include The Hives, Nappy Roots, Norah Jones, Musiq, and Dashboard Confessional. Venues for The Strokes' fall tour have yet to be announced, but feel free to check out the city and date information below.

The Strokes fall tour: Take it or leave it

10.01.02 - Portland, ME

10.02.02 - Boston, MA

10.04.02 - Philadelphia, PA

10.06.02 - Washington, DC

10.09.02 - Toronto, ON

10.11.02 - Chicago, IL

10.12.02 - Milwaukee, WI

10.13.02 - Minneapolis, MN

10.15.02 - Omaha, NE

10.16.02 - Denver, CO

10.17.02 - Salt Lake City, UT

10.18.02 - Boise, ID

10.20.02 - Vancouver, BC

10.21.02 - Seattle, WA

10.22.02 - Portland, OR

10.31.02 - San Francisco, CA

11.01.02 - Los Angeles, CA

11.02.02 - Los Angeles, CA

11.09.02 - Las Vegas, NV

11.10.02 - Phoenix, AZ

11.12.02 - El Paso, TX

11.15.02 - Oklahoma City, OK

11.16.02 - Dallas, TX

11.17.02 - Austin, TX

11.19.02 - New Orleans, LA

11.22.02 - Boca Raton, FL

11.24.02 - Atlanta, GA

11.25.02 - Raleigh, NC

11.27.02 - New York, NY

The Strokes Mark Is This It Anniversary with North American Tour