John Squire Finds Time Changes Everything

Legendary Manchester guitarist John Squire will finally issue his debut solo album next month. The album, entitled Time Changes Everything, will be Squire's first recorded work since disbanding his first post-Stone Roses project, The Seahorses, three years ago. Squire was also part of the first incarnation of Epic recording artists The Shining, but left the band far prior to any recording occurring. Recorded in a studio in his garage, the record will be released on September 16 on Squire's new imprint, North Country records. It marks the first time that he has sung on album, as with the Roses the duties were held by Ian Brown, while ex-street musician Chris Helme performed that function for The Seahorses. NME has interviewed Squire for the first time since the Seahorses' dissolution and will reveal tomorrow his feelings regarding a Roses reunion. Stay tuned.

Time Changes Everything track listing:

"Joe Louis"

"I Miss You"

"Shine A Little Light"

"Time Changes Everything"

"Welcome To The Valley"

"15 Days"

"Transatlantic Near Death Experience"

"All I Really Want"

"Strange Feeling"


John Squire Finds Time Changes Everything