Aluminum Group Recycled on Wishing Tree

Chicago-based chamber pop outfit The Aluminum Group will drop their first album since 2000's Pelo on October 14th. The album, entitled Happyness, is the band's fifth studio effort and will be released on Wishing Tree Records. The band, fronted by the brothers Navin, hope to recapture the critical acclaim gained in 1999 with their Jim O'Rourke-produced album Pedals. According to, the album also features some guest appearances from members of Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, and Rebecca Gates of The Spinanes. Check out the album's happy track listing.

Happyness Track Listing

"Tiny Decision"



"Two Lights On"

"We're Both Hiding"


"Speed Dial"


"Be Killed"


Aluminum Group Recycled on Wishing Tree