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Turn up the volume right now! This all-girl, Chicago-based quartet's dirty garage rock is meant to be heard at a deafening level. Masterminded by Kiki Yablon (guitar) and Sarah Staskauskas (vocals, guitar), The Dishes are everything punk rock fans are looking for; hot, bad ass girls with a knack for writing and a command of their instruments. Their sophomore effort, 1 - 2 (as in a big fat 1 - 2 punch), shines with raw, creative guitar work, aggressive percussion, witty lyrics and an "I don't give a fuck" attitude. On "Girls Can't Play," The Dishes take on dense male rock fans who think that girls can't bring the noise. They get sleazy and sexy on the album's first track, "Fishnets," singing "Fishnets don't catch one, they catch them all/ Make a leg look tall/ Fishnets don't catch two, they lure the man/ It's a flash in the pan/ Babydoll, it's all just lingerie/ Babydoll, the world is full of fluff toupees." Other stand out tracks include "Feel It," "Are You Free," and "The House on Custer Street." I wouldn't want to cross these girls a dark ally, but I'd love to see them on stage. Isn't there just something about a sexy woman unleashing her feminine furry on a six-string that makes you happy to be alive?

The Dishes
No. 89 Records

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